This was me and some of the hens from my party in the limo that we hired going from my best friends house to town. It was bright pink of course and we had a few bottles of champagne in it that got us pretty drunk before we even hit the clubs!



When we got to the club we were making our own cocktails behind the bar as a cheeky hen party perk!



The walk of shame back to our taxies at the end of the night after we managed to get changed into silly cheerleading outfits and pompoms. I vaguely remember us putting together a funny little cheerleading routine that we failed at miserably since we all were pretty gone on cocktails and shots!

So my stag do was amazing! I went to Napa for a week with the lads which was absolutely insane! It was somewhere I always wanted to go when I was a bit younger but never got the chance so now me and the boys were ready to turn up in the party place. We were all still fairly young so it was as fun as it would of been if we were still in our early twenties. The oldest we had coming along with us was 32 so we still were technically a bunch of young lads out to have a good time.

The hotel we stayed in was pretty rad. It was really big the food was amazing and they had 3 pools that were all so big and so nice. The nightlife though was what it was about. You haven’t lived until you have found yourself eating pepperoni pizza at five in the morning on the beach in nothing but your trunks watching the sun rise. I don’t really remember much from the stag do because 75% of the time I was either drunk or sleeping but it was still an amazing stag and I have a huge bunch of photos and memories to keep forever. Next stop is the wedding, lets see if it can match the stag aye?

The wedding of my best friend was coming up quick and as the best man it was my job to throw the best stag do ever. This meant not missing out a single detail. The weekend was planned and all that was left to do was find some wicked outfits for the lads and I to wear. I thought about doing the classic lads matching stag t-shirts with funny nicknames on and such. This meant finding a good business that would print me off ten t-shirts that would be of decent quality and not cost a bomb – I had a budget! I had a search online for Printers Birmingham and found BigInInk.

I ordered ten t-shirts that all looked awesome. They didn’t let me down with the quality – the shirts were all a nice comfortable material and not too thick since we were going abroad and the print was amazing quality and not pixilated or discoloured. The lads all loved them and we looked so funny. We had a load of comments about them when we were on the stag and people loved them! They were great and I’d use them again if I ever needed a printing company again.


This was the shirt we had made for the groom. It was such a hit and so funny!

I chose to use StagsAndHens for my hen do ideas and it ended so well. My hen do was a weekend away in London where me and my close friends had a music video made! It was great laugh and of course we needed to have a few glasses of bubbly before we even managed to get in front of a camera but it was such a cool and alternative idea. We had a choreographer, a make up artist and a really cool director guy that made everything a lot more relaxed and fun. We did our video to the song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – because we were feeling cheesy. The whole weekend was super funny and it made some great memories.

We had the video played at the wedding, I refused to watch it before the wedding and gave it to my chief bridesmaid to take care of until then. Again before watching it I had to have a little to drink to put up with the embarrassment but it wasn’t that bad! It was really well made and looked actually quite professional and real. I might send it off to MTV and see if they can get me signed! It was  a lovley hen idea and my husband found the whole video so funny but he loved it. It was such a good idea and made some great hilarious memories and a right good experience for me and my hen party!

Stag do ideas are fun to plan but when you get that final idea it’s the best feeling! My  stag do was a classic lads weekend in the night clubs. It was well wicked, we spent the weekend in Barcelona – I would say what happened but I don’t remember much of it. I remember leaving the airport, boarding a coach and then I started drinking! I woke up the next day in a bikini on my mates lap at the edge of the swimming pool in the hotel we were staying at. Everyone loved it though, the whole weekend was absolutely insane!

The more I think about my stag the happier I get thinking how much of a success the weekend was. A lot of people waste their stags on something boring like a night in the pub or down the dog track but my stag weekend was one to remember. The greatest send off before my wedding ever! Half the things that happened the wife couldn’t know about otherwise there would probably be a divorce!  Other than that it was amazing, we even had matching shirts that looked absolutely mad and are now covered in beer stains and one or two have vomit on them..

We owe the whole weekend however to this awesome website called StagsandHens. They offered a great amount of ideas and packages and it was just such a cool place to go to find out our stag ideas. I owe my great weekend partly to them for the fab idea of going on a nightclub holiday in Barcelona! Even my dad came and had a good time, and that guy barley ever smiles!

The best stag do ideas come from StagsAndHens! I had the best stag do weekend away – I was taken skiing in Oslo! It was something I had always wanted to do but just never got the chance! It was an amazing experience and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go! The weekend was packed full of awesome things, besides the skiing we went out and about in Oslo, went on a tour of the amazing city, met some really cool people and then we got to experience the night life! It was amazing, nothing like a night out in birmingham – the people were nicer, the drinks were nicer, the hangover was nicer but it was worth it!

A great way to plan a stag!

When I asked my groomsmen how they planned such a great stag weekend they told me they go all their ideas from StagsAndHens. They must be a pretty fantastic company if they helped my mates plan a weekend that great!

Having left my stag do to last minute i thought it would be difficult together ideas… It was far from that. This is because after simply typing into Google ‘stag do ideas’ I discovered a website called StagandHens. This website gave me a variety of ideas and possible suggestions as to what I could do on my upcoming stag weekend. I knew this weekend had to be special and it sure was thanks to this website.

They have a particular page on their website which is the directory page. On this page you can find different places that offer the activities that you are willing to take part in with your friends. For example i decided i wanted to go abseiling and so clicked on that word in the directory and before my eyes were a list of places that offered this particular activities. This allowed me to click on the area and see what else the lads and me could do if we wished to go there. Abseiling, what a brilliant idea that was!